First Real Blog. Trouble in Toronto!!!

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We played in Toronto for the Canadian Music Festival.  It was a really dope high energy show.  I must tell you I…. WE played a flawless show. I hit all my notes (lol) and my little dance moves too.  I’m #Winning…Until…..  We came out for bows.  I was soooo pumped I decided to throw my towel into the crowd for some weird reason…. In retrospect here’s why…  I have been looking at some recent pics of me on the web and saw that I had been packing on let’s say a few extra pounds from touring.  So I worked-out before the show and to help motivate me I took a pre-workout energy supplement from GNC.   So, I was really excited and cracked out (apparently) I decided to launch this sweaty towel in to the crowd.  Man! I threw it so so hard until I spun around and then, there was nothing, as in no floor under my feet man!!!!  I was falling from about six feet in front of about 1,000 or so people!  Ha! Now as I’m falling, (which seemed like an eternity) I say to myself “oh my god I’m actually falling!!!”  So the towel is in mid-flight to some lucky,lucky person and my Conn 8H Trombone made in 1941 is in my hand.  (Pretty hard to replace) So to sacrifice my body rather than my Trombone I throw my  legs and arms in the air to land on my back.  But Wait…  I forgot to tell you on the side of the stage where I was, were some stairs.  My Hip hit the stairs and luckily the only thing to break my fall was my trusty iPhone…  God bless the iPhone and its all it glory and splendor.  I got up and tried to play it off as cool as possible.  I didn’t even get hurt because i fell on the corner of the stairs on my phone. My iPhone probably saved my life…. If only it could have saved my dignity… Ok you can stop laughing now…

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