SXSW Festival and Erykah Badu

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Hey Gang,

Sorry for the delay on this…  These events occured on 3-17-11.  I’m a little late and a little slow.

I was reluctant to post this because it would be tough to beat my previous post…  Well, you can’t win em’ all… Unless you’re Charlie Sheen.

SO…….On my way on a Freakin’ Private jet to Austin to play with Janelle Monae at the South by Southwest Festival… You can Check it out at Man it’s the way to fly seriously…. Free Beer and Wine, nice comfy seats, and roomy lavatory.  No TSA, No Checking bags, and it is fast!  You just show up take off and away you go.  Seriously I drove 30 mins to the airport, parked my car beside the plane and hopped in. I was in Austin Texas from my front door in 2 and 1/2 hours!  Got to Austin and chilled for awhile….  Austin was cool it seems to be a college town.  Well anywhoo, people were EVERYWHERE!  Sixth Street was insane!  I repeat. There were people everywhere!!! Hundreds and Hundreds of people coating the streets in a sea of Green.  (by the way this happened on St. Patty’s Day).  Had a few drinks, checked out a band, and headed back for the show.
We played the show at  cool rock club called La Zona Rosa.  B.O.B and Wiz Khalifa performed before us.  Saw B.o.B in the hallway and he dapped the horns down and said the track that we did for him last month is gonna be a banger. Also,  I saw and got hang also with a couple of friends, (Patrick Sheldon, his wife  and James Ballerin).  The show was on a live feed apparently!!! We rocked it and had maybe an hour or sooo to get back to the private jet so we could get back to atlanta….   We packed up and got on the Bus Limo and who was waiting for us?  No other than Erykah Badu!!!  I was star struck man.  Like really!!!  She was sooo nice and sweet!  She took the time to personally shake everyone’s hand and speak to them.  Her presence was soooo strong you could just feel so much good energy coming off of her.  She shook my hand, I looked in to her eyes, she Squeezed my arm, and said “I’m Erykah, it’s a pleasure.”  I said “I’m Marcus, nice to meet you.”  It took every fiber of my being to keep from fainting!!!
After hanging for a bit, Janelle said “they got WhattaBurgers out here lets stop here before we get on the plane.”  We went in ordered their delicious, delicious food and went back to the Limo Bus….  I was one of the last ones to get back.  I see standing in the door of the bus , an older homeless looking dude talking to the band!!!  This guy’s name was Timothy….  Tim proceeded to tell us he could feel that we would be one of the best bands in the states….  he ended the conversation with, I can’t make this up,….. wait for it……  “Man I tell ya’ll what,  I’d wash this whole damn Bus for a cigarette!!!”  What!  The WHOLE BUS!!!! FOR A CIGARETTE? LOL!!! A cop appeared out of nowhere and was like alright Timothy that’s enough.  We laughed for at least 2-3 minutes.  Caught our plane and flew into the night……