A Beluga View From Moscow or Tiger Woods can’t putt.

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Wow.  Who goes to Moscow for a weekend to play one show?  I did with Janelle Monae.  Crazy right?
Well anywho…. Hop on the Plane for a twelve hour flight.  It was cool but for some reason I could not sleep…  I had a whole row to myself and was able to lay down but still couldn’t sleep because it was 3 in the afternoon my time.  Landed in Moscow and it is Snowing!  Cool right, compared to the 75 degree weather in ATL…  Order room service… the hotel is banging…  I order some seared tuna. The only thing I ‘ve had to eat all day, and I eat about half of it.  The Phone rings.  “Hey we gotta sound check”  Ok. Cool.  No Sleep for 32 hours… ok. I lied. Maybe 15 minutes on the plane.
So what is this gig you ask?
It for some rich Russian dude who wants Janelle Monae, along with 3 other bands to play at his 47 Birthday party.  What???!!!  Insane.

Grabbed two Heinekens from the dressing room for the bus ride back to the Hotel.  Called the lovely wife.  Head hits the pillow.  Two Hours Solid.  Wake up shower and get ready for the gig.  It was fun.  We played all of our notes again. lol.  Hung out for about an hour backstage.  Beers Flowed, Wine Flowed,  hands shook….

We went back to the hotel.  Dropped off our bags.  And headed out to “eat”.  Mind you I have only had half a Tuna Steak all day .  So I am STARVING!!!  We get to this little Ukrainian spot with authentic food.  I order what I thought would be something of sustenance.  I get my food it is about four little pork dumplings about the size of a quarter.  Enter Oleg.  Oleg is  a cool Russian Bloake who set us up with this gig.  Oleg orders Bottle #1 of this Russian vodka Beluga.  I probably had maybe 4 shots out of this bottle in let’s say 15mins.  Oleg says hey man “I like your style, you must be Russian.” Enter bottle of Beluga #2.  Another 4 shots. Another 15 mins.  Having a good time feeling good, feeling great.  Enter Beluga #3.  You get the idea.  Ummmm Enter Bottle #4 vs me and Oleg Only!!!.  Bottle Four Conquered. Exit to Hotel….. Enter room. Lights out.

 Wake up just before lobby call and hurriedly pack.  Hangover.  Slept on the flight all the way back only waking for meals and restroom breaks.  Land at JFK.  Four hour layover.  Hanging out in the Delta Skylounge, (cause thats what ballers do…) Free Drinks and snacks. POW!  When when landed called the wife and checked my Masters app to see that my favorite golfer Tiger Woods has made a charge and was in a four way tie for the lead!  Chillin in a nice comfy chair, Jack and Diet Coke in Hand, and Tiger on the flatscreen.  (By the way Gang, I am not a Lush! The drinks were free!)  Tiger is playing steady.  Life is good.  Five foot putt for the lead……..  Miss…   F*#* he regroups and hits another killer shot on a Par 5 about 8 feet from the hole.  Miss….  Well you guys know the rest is history.
Life of a rockstar…. Word.  (Whatever.)

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