Tieless in Dallas or Chez Badu….

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Hey Gang sorry for the delay….  I am very Lazy when it comes to typing…

Sooooo…….  Flying to Dallas after spending time with the wife for two days. Yay!  I basically flew from LA  to Omaha after jamming all night with a certain bad ass musician.(blog later to come….) She was attending her sister’s graduation there so I met up with her there.  Had a wonderful two Days in Omaha hung out with the in-laws and whatnot, and hopped on a plane to Dallas.  Land in Dallas, take a freaking $100 cab ride to the hotel, (What?)  just to be greeted by my Tour Manager saying “Yo we about to go to Eryka’s…..  OMG!!!  I hurry up to my hotel room and take like a two minute shower,  (which if you’ve every lived with me you know his is impossible) get dressed and head down stairs.  I run to the Hotel bar take a double shot of Jameson to take the edge off.  We get to Eryka house….  Oh if y’all don’t know who I mean by Eryka, I mean Miss Eryka on and on Badu.  She cooked dinner for us and it was dope.  We hung out, partied, ate, and then she spun records to close out the night….  Man it was so SURREAL!!!!

So, the next day is a show day.  Everything is normal so far.  I’m missing something!  Let’s see if you can tell.  (I know I’ve allready given it away but lets have some fun)

One of these trombone players is not like the other…LOL.

As you can see all of the other cool kids are wearing theirs….

Well I ran back too my bus on a set break to find my black tie in my bunk on the tour bus.
I finished out the set fully clothed and had a good time.  We started playing “Tightrope” and to our surprise Eryka Badu came out on the stage to put the cape on Janelle instead of our tour manager.  The crowd went BANNANAS!!!
We finished of the set and had a dope after-party…. Next Stop, Houston!

2 thoughts on “Tieless in Dallas or Chez Badu….

  1. 1. I call bullshit on the 2 minute shower unless by two minutes you meant two hours. You don’t go anywhere without a lengthy shower.

    2. Stop saying dope. You’re not that cool.

    3. Okay. I guess you are kind of cool since you get to hob nob with celebs.

    4. What would mom say if she knew you forgot your tie?

    Proud of you and look forward to reading more!

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